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modern mehandi artist

modern mehandi artist

Modern mehandi artist

Mehandi is one of the oldest forms of body art comprehended by human beings in which decorative designs are created on the body parts of a person. The paste is created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant which produces a red-orange dye that is responsible for imparting that characteristic color to it.

Why should Mehandi be used?

The tradition of using Mehandi has been going on for a lot of time. It should be used in the modern times to preserve the historical significance and cultural traditions of various societies around the world. Apart from imparting color, Mehandi has a lot of medicinal properties and antiseptic properties which is good for health.

Why should modern mehandi design be used on  Bridal hands?

Use of henna holds a lot of cultural significance in pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. Use of Mehandi in a very pre-wedding ceremony isn’t solely for cosmetic purposes however deep unrevealed scientific rationality behind it has. Henna is understood for its cooling characteristics and helps in calming the nerves of the bride once applied to her hands and feet during the marriage. Being an antiseptic agent, it also saves the hand of the bride from any bruises or cuts during the ceremony. modern mehandi artist is often applied by mixing the paste with eucalyptus oil, a bit of clove oil and lemon juice which imparts a good odour and enhances the mood. It also improves the blood circulation in the body.


Modern mehandi artist

Modern mehandi artist

Classification of modern mehandi design:

Indian modern mehandi artist:

These designs include the motifs of peacocks, mangoes, flowers and intricate patterns inspired by nature. The design is very compact with no empty space left on the hand.


Arabic modern mehandi artist:

These designs include simple patterns of lines, dots, flowers, leaves arranged in different ways according to the creativity.

Pakistani modern mehandi artist

These are an amalgamation of Indian and Arabic modern mehandi artist and are a bit complex in nature.

Indo-Arabic modern mehandi artist

It is a combination of Indian and Arabic styles of Mehandi design and is simple to draw and maintain.

Moroccan modern mehandi artist

These designs are mostly geometric in nature and have originated within the geographical area of Morocco.


African modern mehandi artist

These designs include geometric figures and dots. They are very less used as compared to other Mehandi designs.


Egyptian modern mehandi artist

Different patterns and designs of modern mehandi artist have been seen on Egyptian mummies. These designs usually include the patterns of dragons, fire, and pythons.


Contemporary Trends in Mehandi Designs

Glitter modern mehandi artist

This type of design has bold outline filled with tough patterns and colored stones in between the design.


Tattoo modern mehandi artist

These designs look like tattoos but are made in henna. These designs are usually made on the backs.


Hand bracelet Mehandi:

This design looks like a harness bracelet. It is a mixture of modern and traditional Mehandi design.


White modern mehandi artist

This is often used by brides who want to go offbeat with a white Mehandi design for their wedding ceremony.

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