Rajasthani mehndi designs

Rajasthani mehndi designs

Rajasthani mehndi designs hold its individual entity in Indian traditional mehndi designs. Rajasthani mehndi well depicts the core of Marwadi culture. It ranges from simple to wonderful designs. Its universal designs are well suited for every occasions. The pure fragrance and its magical color add richness to any tradition or culture. Rajasthani mehandi designs are predominantly classified as the rajasthani culture as they exhibit a royal grace and style. Peacock and elephant motifs, twists and curls patterns, leafy and floral designs all are part of Rajasthani mehandi designs.

This easy rajasthani mehandi pattern is less intricate and can be drawn with much of ease. Following the image, the fingers are decorated with the leafy patterns highlighted with another stylish border. The customary mango shaped motifs filled with very small squares turns this pattern to be an straightforward rajasthani mehandi design. If you have rajasthani wedding in the family, you can easily go for this because this mehandi design will be appreciated with the most traditional as well as trendy look.

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Traditional rajasthani mehndi designs

A long-established rajasthani mehandi design is a true presentation of the gracious Marwari culture dipped in the delightful customs and traditions of every corner of Rajasthan. Rajasthani mehndi designs picture display all these in one single design like: the mango pattern, kalash styles, peacock image, leafy motifs etc. is a perfect example of traditional rajasthani mehandi design. All these are beautifully decorated in the form a fabulous mehandi design right from the tip of the fingers till the elbow.

Rajasthani Mehandi Pattern

The circular rajasthani mehandi pattern image include theme based on semi circles and circles further magnified with mango patterns. So, if you want a variety then it is the best for you. Mostly such extraordinary mehandi designs are difficult to create because of lot of elaborateness. This circular rajasthani mehandi design needs much of time and due to which on certain parts mehandi starts drying and reflecting its colors and one can again re-coat it. Thus, at some parts of the hand the mehandi has medium shade and at some very light and many parts darker shade. Mirror reflection pattern goes the most appropriate with this pattern. A mehndi designer needs to be thorough in designing such a pattern .

If you are immense tradition lover than none other than rajasthani mehandi will win your heart.