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Types of Mehndi Desgin

Types of Mehndi Desgin

Gujarati – This design is known for its extravagant and elaborate designs. It is widely used in weddings and special occasion because of its elegant texture and rich color.

Rajasthani – This design is as old as the Rajasthani culture itself. Like other patterns or designs -Rajasthani is known for its royal feel. This design includes patterns featuring flowers, different types of leaves and its distinguishing mirror effect.

Marwari –This style reflects with great emphasis the culture of India in its design. It features intricate design, which highlight important aspects of the culture through its design elements as well as its patterns.

Arabic – This Muslim Arabic Designs features some interesting patterns. They are unique in design like introduction of spiral pattern making use of floral feel to the design.

The most popularMehndi designs – Muslim Arabic Designs like florals and small designs.

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